What is Kodexa?

Kodexa is a Platform for Unstructured Data. It is designed to allow business users, SME's, developers and data scientists to come together to solve complex document and unstructured data problems.

As a platform, Kodexa enables the following key capabilities:

  • A rich user experience where business users and subject-matter experts can organize, review and label unstructured data
  • A powerful content model that is cross language and allows developer and data scientists access to the content, including all the labeling and annotation from users
  • A document and data storage system that enables search, data linking, extraction and lineage
  • An extension core where additional capabilities can be easily deployed on the platform
  • A pipeline and event engine that allows processing at scale
  • A model runtime framework that enables models to be trained and deployed by business users
  • An event-driven architecture that support reactive and scheduled assistants that can be built to perform almost any tasks

The platform can be implemented to solve a wide-range of problems in the unstructured data world.

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